Deserving a Father of the Year Award

This dad has shown up all over my facebook page today. I give MAJOR kudos to this dad! By DESTROYING the item that she has used MULTIPLE TIMES to do things she KNOWS she’s not supposed to do and has been punished for before…..he has taught her a lesson that she will NEVER forget.

A lesson that will keep on teaching when she has to earn money to buy her OWN laptop as a replacement instead of expecting her PARENTS to provide it for her.

A 15-year-old puts up a Facebook post bashing her parents for making her work too hard, dad reacts by posting a video response to her grievances on her Facebook page.



25 Random Things

Perfectly Imperfect threw a “25 Random Things” linky party. List 25 random things, and join the fun.

1. I’m currently losing a game of words with friends. Their 590 to my 198.
2. My feet are cold. They are the only part of me that stays cold in the winter.
3. I have Christmas wrapping paper on my desk that I REALLY need to put in the attic.
4. I bought a $40 desk to put an aquarium on.

5. I had been looking for SOMETHING to put my aquarium on for THREE DAYS, but no PET STORE in this town had a stand for a 29gal fish tank.
6. I have a betta fish is named Eastwood.

7. He was named that because my husband was reading a book about Clint Eastwood when we got him.
8. I have 3 pet RATS. I love my RATS and get insulted when people say “Gross” and “Eww” about them. If you “Ewww” my rat I will “Eww” your cat or dog.
9. One of my rats is a hairless rat named Fluffy.
10. I’m trying to potty train our 2 year old.
11. I start thinking he’s a “big boy” and then he dumps applesauce on his own head.

12. I wish I could be a stay at home mom so I never miss moments like that one.
13. I have to go back to work though, I can’t afford to be a SAHM.
14. I usually work a retail job in an arts and crafts store, but I’m on grievance leave because my father passed away on the 1st of this month.
15. I’m trying to get my bedroom/office organized before I have to go to work.
16. THIS is what I plan on working on tomorrow:

17. If you look closely at the picture above you’ll see the Christmas wrapping paper I mentioned earlier.
18. You can also see (in the blue frame to the right) the last picture of my Dad, my brothers and myself all in the same spot that will ever be taken.
19. Now I’m crying as I type this because I’m thinking about Daddy.
20. I drink coffee almost exclusivly. I even have a cup sitting with me right now.
21. It doesn’t have to be fancy coffee. I drink a lot of store brand instant because its cheap.
22. I’m listening to the 90s station on Pandora.
23. I love 90s music!
24. My mix breed street rescue dog is prettier than my full blooded lab.
25. He also blends in with our floor.

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Cancer Sucks

The fact that Cancer Sucks probably goes without saying, but I feel the need to say it.  In fact I feel the need to go outside and scream it at the top of my lungs, until I lose my voice.

I’ve watched my family dwindle so quickly the past few years, and for the most part Cancer has been the culprit.

I feel like it is a monster, a demon, stalking those who I love.

It got Daddy, now there is just me and my brothers. Will it leave us alone now?  Will it go after them next?  After me?


I want to try to get back into the habit of writing down at least a few things EVERY day to be thankful for.  Anything that makes me smile.

I am thankful for my son, he is the one think that keeps my world turning.
I’m thankful for my mother in law.  She is a wonderful person and I’ve
heard so many bad MIL stories that I’m very grateful for her.

I’m thankful for the drop in temperature last night.  I was finally
able to get some sleep.  (I only sleep well when its REALLY cold)

I’m thankful for hot water and indoor plumbing.
I’m thankful for all the FREE ebooks that amazon has, and for the
kindle my hubby got me for christmas.  I always have something to read

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Valentines Day Giveaway = Amazon gift codes

So, our very own Dnbuster and some of her friends are hosting a giveaway!


This giveaway will have 4 different winners!
The prizes are
1~$50 Amazon E-gift card
1~$25 Amazon E-Gift card
and 2~$10 Amazon E-gift card

Visit the blog at for your chance to enter to win!

You should hurry!  Giveaway ends 2/14

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2012 Is Almost Here

I’ve been working on my 2012 resolutions.

Some of them involve me trying to make more money, because I’m really tired of being poor.

Going to attempt to publish an e-book in 2012.

Thinking about opening a zazzle shop.

Gotta put more effort into my etsy.


Too bad my real world job is getting in the way of all that I need to do.


Same Kind of Different As Me- Book Review

I’ve had a hold of this book for quite some time. I would pick it up occasionally, read a paragraph or two, then put it back down again.

I honestly thought I would never make it through the whole thing.

Then I got past Ron’s first chapter, and into Denver’s second, and finally the story grabbed me and refused to let go again.

The book is about Ron Hall and Denver Moore, two men on two very different paths in life.

Ron is a well-to-do, world traveling art broker. Denver is a homeless man who grew up as a modern day slave via sharecropping.

It shows how their lives cross paths, and how each of them changes the other in important ways.

While it is a serious story, the unexpected humor in it would take me by surprise. Like in one paragraph Denver is talking about eaing hogs, and how they ate them all “from the rooter to the tooter” and I laughed out loud, causing me to get a funny look from several of the people in the room with me.

Of the whole thing, I think I liked reading Denver’s part of the story the most. I think I would have be happy if the whole book had been more of his biography, with more stories from his entire life instead of the bits we were fed for this one.

I review for BookSneeze®

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Long Day

I had to be at work at 5am this morning, which meant being up WAY earlier than my body wants to be up.

It didn’t help that Parker woke up several times last night, so what little sleep I got was broken.

I got off at 1:30.  When I got home I hoped Parker would nap a while longer, since I was told he didn’t lay down until 1.  But he woke right up.

I sat on the sofa with him and was watching Spongebob, and fell asleep sitting up on the sofa.

He didn’t let me sleep long though, maybe 15 minutes.

Then I did FIVE loads of laundry.  And I’m still not done!

I need to go to bed, and want to because I’m so tired, but I keep thinking of things I need to do before I go to sleep.

I think I’m gonna have to blow it all off though.  Either that or prop up my eyelids with toothpicks like they do in cartoons.

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Tangent Lines Holiday Sale

With the holidays right around the corner (who am I kidding, they are already here!) I was lucky enough to make enough sales in my shop to buy my hubby his Christmas.

Now I want to help out a friend.  I’ve talked about her before, because she makes AWESOME jewelry!  She’s hoping to boost her own sales a bit, and is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on Tangent Lines

Straight from her Tangent Lines Facebook Page (which you should all LIKE):

To all my facebook friends, shop from the comfort of your home and avoid the crowded malls. If you order on Black friday thru cyber monday (11/26 – 11/28) and use coupon code BlkFriCybMon upon checking out, you will get free shipping on all domestic orders. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are a few samples of the items you can find in her shop, Tangent Lines, and she has MANY more items in the shop.  Take a look, pass the link along to a friend who might like it.  If you can’t buy somthing for yourself, drop some hints and someone might buy it for you.  -smile-


Wire Wrapped Agate Geode Slice


Painted Pearl Earrings – StarsHand painted 6mm white craft pearl with 3 blue stars and 3 red dots in between, accented with a red glass seed bead. These hang on a 4mm gold post earring with gold earnuts. Makes a great teacher gift.



Mixed Stone BraceletThree coils of memory wire generously filled with an assortment of stone chips. Stones are accented with assorted colors of 3mm and 5mm swarovski crystals and 4mm silver plated round beads. The ends are finished off with silver plated word charms, hope and peace. One size fits all.

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In the name of all that is good and right in the world, this NEEDS to be a real sweatshirt so I can buy it and wear it with pride.

I now return you to my regularly scheduled not-posting of stuff.



My Secret Fear

I have a secret fear, one that many people might find laughable.

I’m afraid that when I reach my goal weight, more people will like me.  I’m afraid more people will want to be friends with me, and that guys will ask me out.

Yeah, that’s a pretty funny fear, isn’t it.  But I feel justified in it.  Unlike my fear of the dark which is no secret and has no valid excuse.

I’ve always known that the world at large finds obese people to be undesirable.  Skinny girls don’t want fat friends or they will be fat by association.  Guys don’t want other guys to know they date fat girls.

There are exceptions of course, but those exceptions are also a part of my fear.  But I’ll get to that in a moment.

The anonymity of the internet has added fuel to the fire of my fear.  It lets me peek into a window of the lives of people who really dislike the overweight.

Like the mother-in-law who didn’t want her obese daughter-in-law to sit on her “good” furniture in fear she’d break it.
Like the bride who didn’t want her fat friend in her wedding photos.
Like the guy who dumped his girlfriend because she gained a few pounds.

See, right now I’m fat.  I’m morbidly obese, and I have people in my life that love me.  My husband loves me.  My mother in law loves me.  And as far as I know none of my friends would exclude me from their wedding photos (if they all were not already married that is)

But, if I’m thin, how will I be able to tell those who really love ME apart from those who love me….but only if I’m of an “acceptable” weight.

Now, if it is someone who never had the time of day for me while I was heavy who is suddenly my “friend” then I know already.

But what about a total stranger.  Someone meets me for the first time when I’m “thin” and we become friends.  How will I know they won’t ditch me if I re-gain the weight.

Sure, I can show them a picture of me at my heaviest and say, “This is what I used to look like, would you still be my friend if I looked like that again?” and the could say yes, but they could be lying.  People lie all the time.  And the only way you would ever know for sure would be to get fat again and see if they stuck around.

A friend who will ditch you because of your weight, or you looks, or other trivial reasons, is no friend at all.  Its not a person I want to associate with.  But without my obese body as an instant gauge to test the strength of friendship by, how will I know?

So…there’s my secret fear.

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