Skywatch Friday

A collection of clouds and sky shots from my own back yard yesterday.

I wonder why my fluffy white clouds always turn out pink in photos?

I was aiming for the spanish moss in the powerline, nowhere near a tree it could have fallen out of. Did a passing bird drop it?

Over the top of my neighbors house, a lovely blue sky and puffy white clouds.

My neighbors citrus tree, white clouds look pink here.

I’m always drawn to darker clouds like these, where everything else was bright blue and fluffy white, an angry patch of grey.

10 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”

  1. Denise Says:

    Beautiful photos. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  2. Gemma Says:

    Delightful range of cloud pics! Amazing what you can capture right near home!

  3. Mayet Says:

    the pink clouds look nice in the blue sky. I hope it didn’t rain after you take the last shot!

  4. mharia Says:

    wonderful shots! that’s interesting … finding a spanish moss on the powerline. your neighbor’s citrus tree’s got lots of fuits! :)

  5. Solomon@ThingsI'mGratefulFor Says:

    Do you have Irfanview? You can easily edit the colour balance in that. Go to Image, then Enhance Colours, and fiddle with the sliders. It’s great for toning stuff up and down.

  6. petunia Says:

    Great shots. There are a lot of things hanging on the powerline at sky watch today. I just came from Alan’s blog and he have a picture of tennis shoes hanging high!!



    Great collection of skies

    All beautiful

    If you love flowers lokk: TODAY’S FLOWERS!

    I’ m waiting for you, there!

  8. People with Cameras Says:

    Very pretty photos :)

  9. storyteller Says:

    I enjoyed all 4 of your photos today for Sky Watch … but my favorite is the last one!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. sandy Says:

    super questions you are asking with the sky as a backdrop Enjoyable esp the spanish moss. I live in Fl and am mossed big time sandy

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