Photo Hunt: String(s)

Curious? Join the hunt HERE.

My husband has started to want to photo hunt with me. Last week he shared his “Beautiful” this week he dips is String(s) in the pool as well.

I share them on my blog because he does not have (or want) a blog of his own.

Comments are appreciated on BOTH pictures. I’ll make sure he gets his.


Some of my cross stitch threads. I keep them in a glass jar. Its kind of pretty.


His did not come out anywhere near as well as he wanted. He did not want to share any of them, but picked the best of what he had shot.

All The Little Things

1.  A good banana for breakfast
2.  Getting a new blank book for 40 cent (it was $5.99)
3.  The lady who thanked me for telling her good morning.
4.  R acting silly and bouncing out of one of his shoes.
5.  Hugs from Phil.
6.  Loves from Rachel.
7.  Lunch for 15 minutes with Tori and Janet
8.  Sheryl cooking supper.
9.  Coffee
10.  Cute owl and mushroom stickers.
11.  Free magazines.
12.  Ween’s cd “Chocolate and Cheese”
13.  New headphones for the computer so I don’t have to lean uncomfortably to the right if I want to watch Youtube while Robert is watching TV.

10 Responses to “Photo Hunt: String(s)”

  1. *nemo* Says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by my page earlier. Always love new visitors and comments!! :)

    Lovely strings you have there! :) I should take up embroidery again too… been living online for too many years and stopped all my hobbies, but I’m trying to change all that this year ;)

    Wishing you a super Sunday!!

  2. girasoli Says:

    Creative idea! I love the colors. Thanks for stopping by to see my PhotoHunt post. I didn’t realize that I labeled it incorrectly until you posted.

  3. saint2 Says:

    I tried x-stitching bookmarks for christmas presents upon a suggestn of a female friend when I was in my teens. I nearly died due to my naive perception of my patience level towards a more feminine hobby. Haha…just swore never to try again. Anyway that pic reminded me of tt period.

    I like your list of 10 good things. THanks!

  4. kate Says:

    I love the embroidery/ cross-stitch threads… makes me long for the day I used to do needlework.

  5. golightly Says:

    That’s cool that your husband want to get in on the action! Two takes are better than one! This reminds me, I need to get some cross stitch thread to finish some felt food I was making for my son!

    Thanks for stopping by today and commenting!

  6. Dawn Says:

    Both good photos of string. I like to cross stitch and I have saved my extra string and I got lots from my uncle after my aunt passed away. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Sallyacious Says:

    They’re both great ideas. So much color in yours, and great contrasts in shapes and lines in your husband’s. But then, I’m a fan of things seen from unexpected perspectives.

    Thanks for your comments on my entry.

  8. PastormacsAnn Says:

    Great photos for our theme which I thought was a tough one. Very creative for The Hunt. How fun that now you’re looking together.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I always enjoy Saturdays!

  9. jaejae Says:

    both takes were just as good. robert’s actually would have been nicer with a few tweak but i like the perspective.

    and i like your blog just as well, too!

  10. maria Says:

    i’ve got lots of those, lol. i used to cross stitch too but ever since i started blogging, all my projects are left pending.

    have a great week ahead.

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