Garden Center Swag

Every spring, once the last freeze is past, my MIL takes me to Home Depot and we buy flowers.

Her back yard is beautiful, full of flowers and bushes and birds and bugs.  My garden is full of weeds, dirt, dog poo and last years dead plants.

She has a green thumb, mine is the blackest black there is.  Plants cringe when they realize I’m reaching for them.  I can almost hear them screaming, “Oh no!  Our time is up!”

Even though she KNOWS I’m a plant murderer, she buys them for me every year.  Bless her.

This year I got some petunia (red ones and some purple with white stripes) some salvia, a beautiful orange lilly, and some seeds.  When I got home yesterday, despite my sinus infection and hurting nose, throat and ears, I went out in the sun and planted.

This is the first year I’m trying to start seeds.  I hope they cooperate with me.  I’m trying to grow some catnip so I can bribe my cat with kitty drugs so maybe she’ll love me again.

Okay, so I’m gonna dope up my in-laws cat.  So sue me.  -grin-

While I was out there I realized that my patio table was filthy, all the chair had rusted out and were no good, and I need to sand and re-paint the table legs before the rust away on me as well.

So, after I planted, I scrubbed down my glass table top, and I can actually see through it again.  Not that you can tell in these pictures.  I need to take an “after” shot of my table.

My favorite plant I picked out this year was an orange pixie lilly.  I had picked out one super dark oragne one, but when I walked off to get a cart and came back someone else had grabbed it.  :(

I picked out an unbloomed one with lots of buds though.  I hope to have LOTS or lilly flowers!

In fact, when I got home from work today one of the buds had opened and my yard was blessed with its first orange lilly bloom!  I love it!

This picture doesn’t do its color justice.  I’m gonna have to try again.

And, last but not least, I planted some flowers on Snoopy’s grave.  My dog Ace has a HUGE lantana bush growing on him, but because of the location I have a hard time keeping things alive over Snoopy.  I’m thinking about rooting and planting another lantana bush over him.

I need t go tug out all the weeds for sure.  And out of the rats graveyard too.

This year I hope to keep them alive all summer!

3 Responses to “Garden Center Swag”

  1. Linda Says:

    Wonderful pictures. Every year I try and grow some beauties. I win some, lose some. This year it is hoolyhocks and a salsa garden. Good luck with the planting, I will look forward to more pictures.

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  3. ygazaxyrmyg Says:

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