Another day….

Weekends off are nice.  Slept in.  Went to see a movie.  Played board games.  Played neopets. 


I got blasted by the snowager today and I got the rarw avi!

Also last night Boochi fired at me.  You know Boochie, right?  The baby bruce that fires its little gun at you and turns them into baby.  Well, he fired at Murderous, who I had JUST painted hallwoeen for the werelupe avi and I see Boochi for the first time in the 8+ years I’ve been playing neopets.

Luckily that sneaky little monster missed, and Murderous is still halloween.

Marley and Me
(may contain spoilers)

We went to see Marley and me today.  My hubby had read the book, so I knew what to expect.

In the movie, Marley was a yellow Labrador given to the MC’s wife as an early birthday present and as a “replacement” for a human baby since he wasn’t ready for children yet.

They got a deal on Marly, jokingly calling me a “clearance puppy”

Marley turned out to be the worst dog in the world.  No kidding.  If there was a wrong that could be done, Marley did it.  He even got kicked out of obedience school.

The movie follows Marley’s life from puppy hood all the way to the end.  Yes, all the way tot he end.  And for the last several minutes of the movie, EVERY person in the theater was crying.  At least, everyone in our general area was.  The people in front of us, to the sides of us adn at the back of us.  Also me, my MIL and my hubby.

When leaving Sheryl said, “This movie with probably make everyone who has ever owned a dog cry.”

All the Little Things

1.  A friend in the Journal Writing group said: “As I’ve said before, I think I’m roughing it when the toilet paper clashes with the wall paper.” and gave me a good hard giggle over it.
2.  Going to a movie with my husband and mother in law.  Sheryl doesn’t go to many movies.

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