Mystery of the Sweaty Crotch Rash Solved

During the summer I am plauged with a rash on my inner thigh, where it meets my torso.  It is very painful, and hot and yucky.  I always assumed it was heat rash.

Well, I currently have a case of it.  My first winter case of it, a very PAINFUL case of it.  I don’t even want to stand or walk it HURTS!  This made me look online and see what I can find and I know, without a doubt, what it is.

Intertrigo, a rash that appears in vaious body folds, more common in overweight, diabetic, diaper wearing or bed ridden people.

Well, I’m in the overweight category, so there you go.

If you google it you can see all kinds of yucky pictures of what I have going on on my body right now.

Luckily its self treatable.  Unluckily one of the treatments is to leave the affected area in the open air as much as possible.  Hard to do that.  Not that I mind walking around pantless, just that its winter and sort of cold in here.

Another self-treatment is to lose weight.  Well, THATS not going to help this current rash one little bit, now its it.  Might help me prevent it in the future, but I’m stuck with this one at the moment.  -sigh-

Did I mention its a PAINFUL rash?


1.  Solving the case of the mystery rash.
2.  The dogs letting me sleep until 9am today.  Nice change from 6am
3.  AWESOME dreams.
4.  Finding Jesus has never made me laugh so hard.
5.  Myspace comment from Phil.  I miss Phil.

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8 Responses to “Mystery of the Sweaty Crotch Rash Solved”

  1. Solomon Says:

    Extra sleep is always good.

  2. Erika Jean Says:

    oh girl… i get it too :-(

  3. Hawksdomain Says:

    Try powder – I use Gold Bond and it burns a bit, but helps with the overall pain and in getting it to dry out.

  4. kizingkizoal Says:

    i get that all the time it gets pritty bad that it hurts to walk

    what i do one the rash is already their and still got to move around i put on johnsons babypowder it does not take away the rash but it will make the pain go away big time right away!!!

    gooodddd byyyeee gooood lluuuuckkkk ;)

  5. Dave Says:

    There are 3 things I find that help:

    A&D Diaper Rash cream (not ointment)
    Lotrimin Anti-fungal Lotion ( For Athletes foot)
    Moisture wicking underwear (microfiber)

  6. Frank Says:

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  7. Bryan Says:

    I have had this happen to me for years, until I finally figured it out. Spicy food! That is what triggers it for me. Especially cayenne pepper. But too much of any kind of spicy will do it. It secretes thru the skin when you sweat and irritates the area where friction is present.
    The best cure I have found is corn starch. Helps immediately. Reduce intake of spicy food if you plan on sweating the next day.

    Good luck!

  8. info Says:

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