Jason Takes Manhattan

At Home

We’ve been watching all of the Friday the 13th movies since Robert bought the box set.  Last night we watched the 8th one.

Jason Takes Manhattan.

I had not seen it before, having stopped at 7, then not seeing 8 or 9, I did watch X and Freddy Vs Jason and the newest Friday the 13th movie currently.

Anyway….Jason Takes Manhattan.

There was a dog in the movie.  A cute little border collie named Toby (played by a cute little Border Collie named Ace).  At a point, early in the film, Toby runs off and disappears somewhere in the ship.

This bothered my husband, who kept saying, “Why isn’t she looking for her dog.  She should be looking for her dog.  She doesn’t even MISS the dog!”

Yeah, Toby’s disappearance and the fact that they didn’t even MISS the dog REALLY bothered my husband.

What bothered him (and me) even more was that, though they had never looked for Toby, and never found Toby, and Toby never showed back up he was suddenly just THERE when they got on a lifeboat.

I told Robert, “Maybe he’s been hiding there the whole time.”

Yeah, it was just stupid.  The dog later dissapears into the city.  Again they didn’t seem particularly concerned the dog was gone.  At least this time it actually showed him showing up again.

At Work

We had a lady go basaltic yesterday because she chose to ignore the 3 open registers at which people were working, and stand at a register where NO ONE WAS AT because the light was on.

She just stood at the empty register getting madder and madder then went off on the FES saying, “You’re ignoring me!  Why did you let me unload all my stuff if you KNEW no one was here!”  And so on and so forth.

She had went to that line because the girl working it had left the light on when she went to lunch.

I think the fact that NO ONE WAS STANDING BEHIND THE COUNTER should have given away that no one was working at that station…light or no light.  Those lights are a joke anyway.  On means open, off means closed, but people will not respect the off means closed, so why should we respect that on means open?

Even if the fact that no one was working at that register wasn’t obvious enough, thent he fact that THERE WERE NO CUSTOMERS IN THAT LINE while the other three lines were LONG should have been an indication.

Anyway….she eventually stormed out, leaving all her crap behind for us to have to put up.  So she wins my very first “Oink Oink Piggy” award.

All the Little Things

1.  Even though I work up tired, I DID sleep last night.
2.  Coffee and bacon for breakfast.
3.  Hubby saying silly things and making me smile such as:

Me: I feel like I’m having cramps.
Him: Cramps?  After all that?  What does it take to impregnate you?

Him: When are you going to write your great novel?
Me: What great novel.”
Him: The one you’re going to werite.
Me: I don’t have any ideas for a novel.
Him:  You used to write all the time. You’re full of ideas.
Me: I’ve hardly written since I married you.  I think you scared away my muse.
Him:  You had a mule?  I never saw him.

4.  Coffee.  Coffee is good.
5.  Dr. Pepper.  Also good.
6.  Beautiful sunshine outside today.
7.  Washer’s and dryers.
8.  I’m off work tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Jason Takes Manhattan”

  1. Solomon Says:

    I love the award!

  2. Chinkygirlmel Says:

    Oh my…That customer must have been blind. Lols…Why was she standing there when no one was behind the counter anyway? hmmm… What a weirdo…

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I love it! The Oink Oink Piggy Award!!!

  4. jenn Says:

    I’m new here….and I gotta tell you, I read a couple of your latest entries, and you totally cracked me up! I love your sense of humor. I will definitely be back!

  5. Holford Says:

    great thanks

  6. Ray Crowe Says:

    Your articles are so funny!

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