I Took a Week Off

A little after 3pm last Thursday I logged off the computer and lay down for a nap.

Little did my poor neglected computer know that I would not touch it again for a week!

This was not a planned sabbatical.  I didn’t just say, “Oh, I’m going to see how long I can go with no internet.”  And no, the computer wasn’t broken, it worked just fine.

I think maybe I was broken.

For the past week I’ve done little more than work, sleep, eat, sleep and nap once I a while.  I’ve been tired to my very core.

So even though my every free moment was not spent on the computer, it was also not spent doing anything creative, or constructive.  Just sleep.  And more sleep.

So I didn’t gather any points on gather.  My neopets got hungry and unhappy, and my e-mail filled up with a few thousand unread messages.

Today saw me back online, though still not with the enthusiasm I had a month or so ago.

I think I’m never going to be not tired again.

One Response to “I Took a Week Off”

  1. jenn Says:

    It’s a pregnancy thing…you’ll be “untired” in about 18 years! lol!

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