Sleeplessly Scrubbing


I didn’t sleep well last night.  Tossed and turned and tossed and turned and tossed and turned.  My least favorite part of warm weather is my over driven insomnia.

Not much going on around here.  I’m still sleeping more than anything else.


I was washing walls today.

Washing walls.

Yep.  Our DM thought the walls were dirty, and for some insane reason I offered to be the one to wash them.  The really crappy part is that after spending a hour or two with cleaner and rags (I went through 1 and 1/2 bottles of cleaner!!!!) it didn’t look like I’d really done anything.


1.  An easy day at work.
2.  Being in a good mood.
3.  My MIL cooking supper for me again.
4.  Snuggles with Rusty when I got home from work today.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop

We watched this a couple of nights ago, and found it to be pretty funny.

It was kind of off in the beginning, but the longer it goes on the BETTER it gets.

The only thing standing between Paul Blart and being a police officer is his tendancy to fall asleep when his blood sugar gets low.

So, he settles for being a mall cop.  And he LOVES his job, but is also looking for real love in his life, and finds himself falling for one of the kiosk workers.

On the day after thanksgiving, he finds himself locked in the mall, just him, the people who have taken the mall over, and his friends they are holding hostage.

2 Responses to “Sleeplessly Scrubbing”

  1. Solomon Says:

    Washing walls? Sounds like fun… :D

  2. Modern Mom Says:

    I remember one time I tried scrubbing our kitchen walls, it took me 1/2 a day to get all things done. My arms were sore the next day, lol.

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