We had a special 4 hour sale at work today, which means we were open until 8 instead of 7.  Of course, it was slow which would have been good except a lady came in at 8 with a return/repurchase of something she had bought earlier that day so she could get the 15% off that she coudln’t get earlier because the sale was only from 4 to 8.

Well, she came in RIGHT AT 8 and did not leave until 8:25!!!!

I hate people like that.  She had 4 hours to do that return/repurchase but she’s gonna come in right time for us to close like we don’t have lives we want to go home to.

We couldn’t shut down registers until she was gone so we didn’t get out of there until 9.  When I got home the power was out at our house but not at Sheryls.  Parker was over at her house because it was too hot here.

When I went over to see him he was already asleep.  So I ate a sandwich and watched Design Star with Sheryl then came hiome.

Its after 11 now and the power is still out.  I’m sitting in my bedroom writing by candlelight while Robert rants and raves.

I got a new, smaller, sketchbook to use as m next journal.  One I can take to work without it weighing a ton.

Of course now I have it I want to start it only July 1st, but over half of this one is still empty and no way I’m going to fill it in 3 days so I’m torn on whether to finish this one or stop with it half empty and use the new one.

I thought I might write in taht one but keep doing my calenders in this one, but I want my calanders in my CURRENT journal and I did just do an awesome calender for July in this one.

My theme for my new one is going to be either PIECES or SHATTERED.  I have a cover idea involving altered pussle pieces.

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  1. Frances D Says:

    People go to stores at closing time on purpose becaue they know they are going to get just what they want – grrrrr…
    I am so feeling for you about the power – it was broiling here in NYC for the last two weeks – I would have melted into a puddle of goo.
    I’ve been searching for just the right next journal for weeks.

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