SOOC – Tiger Lilly?

This flower randomly showed up in our neighbors yard a few days ago.  It is the first time they have ever popped up there.
They used to grow in my dad’s yard all the time.  He called the Tiger Lillies, though when I Google Tiger Lilly, this is nothing like the pictures that show up.

If this is not a Tiger Lilly, do you know what kind of flower it is?

Tiger Lilly?

Tiger Lillies?

Want to see more undoctored pictures?  Check out SOOC!

6 Responses to “SOOC – Tiger Lilly?”

  1. Valerie Says:

    What every they are they are a lovely colour.

  2. Jan Says:

    I think it may be a Naked Lily, because it has no leaves.

  3. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos Says:

    These are such pretty flowers. Quite lovely.

  4. Lynn, Texas Says:

    I haven’t any idea the name but they are lovely.

  5. Lisa's Chaos Says:

    I know them only as Naked Lady. The leaves come up and die off before the flowers pop up all bare like that. :)

  6. Anne Says:

    I have a black thumb so I have no idea what kind of flower it is. It does look very pretty.

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