Headache, books, squirrels

I’ve had a headache since I hit my head yesterday.  I think mostly it’s a sinus infection.

Where has July gone?  Its getting close to being over.  I don’t know how many words I’ve written on my JulNoWriMo werewolf novel.  I need to type it up and see where I stand.

I’ve started reading “Brother Odd” and so far it hasn’t dissapointed, but I’m only a few chapters into it.

Petra, IF you want to read the Odd Thomas series you should start with the first one.  So far its been the BEST of the bunch. If you don’t like it then you wont like the rest of them.

I also highly recommend “The Taking” (although I’ll admit I didn’t like the way it ended)

Richard Laymon’s “The Traveling Vampire Show” is high on my list of favorite books.  I’ve read it about 3 times.  Of Laymon’s stuff I’ve only read that one “Bite” and “Resurrection Dreams”

Watched a squirrel in the top of my palm tree for a long time today.  Got a couple of pictures, but coudln’t get any clear ones because of where he was sitting.

Even as far away as I was his eye glowed at me:


He sat on a treasure trove of dates:


Daily Thankfuls

1.  I survived again, with fewer bodily injuries to myself than yesterday.
2.  The neverending (10 hour) day finally DID end.
3.  MIL bought me ribs from Carey Hilliards for supper.  Good stuff there.
4.  Spending time with my Nephew.  I kind of like the little guy and he goes home tomorrow.
5.  Coffee.  Sometimes simple pleasures are the best.
6.  Cows.  Cause I am a fan of the beef.
7.  Getting to watch the squirrel eating dates at the top of my palm tree.

These made me laugh:


Also, I’ve been spending far too much time at icanhascheezburger.

basement kitty

Also these made me LOL.

Get Used to Them
Iz pretty
Clothes for the Poor Ladies
Canada R attacking

3 Responses to “Headache, books, squirrels”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    The Odd Thomas series is a great set of books. I love your squirrel pictures too :-)

  2. Hawksdomain Says:

    OMG The clothes for the poor ladies is HYSTERICAL! Thank you so much for sharing that one! Great way to start hump day! :)

    Did you read Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles? I loved those books and was so sad when she ended the series. I even liked her Mayflower Witches books. Are the Richard Laymon books similar? I may have to check him out. I haven’t read anything since the Vampire Chronicles… Unless it was online! :)

  3. Petra Says:

    OMG The gonorrhea dude! I think I am in love! And the cat!! I may have to snag that pic for my blog. It is very fitting! Bite from Layman is one of my favs simply due to the vampire aspect. Have you tried any of Christopher Moore’s stuff? His has a humor twist that I love!

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