Cut and Paste Poetry

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, I guess it goes without saying that nights are dark, but it really was stormy, and the electricity popping around outside made sure that I coudln’t be online doing super-important things like harvesting my peanuts on farmville.

“I don’t know how to entertain myself without the internet!” I proclaimed, but my husband was reading a batman comic and didn’t feel my pain.

So, I did what any girl would do in my case…..I grabbed a magazine, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and my brain, and made a mess on the kitchen table.

Okay, maybe not EVERY girl would do that. Probably not any girl would do that because…well…I’m odd.

But I spent the next hour and a half with my magazine, my scissors and my gluestick and worked on one of my funner (to me) hobbies. I made “Cut and Paste Poetry.”

Cut and Paste poetry is sort of like Magnetic Poetry, only messier and it doesn’t usually involve a refrigerator door.

I made two such creations, and informed my husband, “I have the most useless hobby in the world” as I proudly gave him my first work of art to read.

“Is it a hobby?” He asked.

“Well, I’ve done this more than once, that makes it a hobby right?” Then after a pause. “Wait, are you trying to tell me my hobby isn’t a hobby?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “Do other people do this too?”

I told him probably not.

DO other people do this?

Don't Resisit

One Lucky Girl

Meanwhile, after the storm passed I went online and looked for cut and paste poetry, and I found mostly pictures where someone had typed a poem up on the computer then cut it out in strips and glued it to a piece of paper, but nothing where all the words were cut and formed out of an old magazine.

2 Responses to “Cut and Paste Poetry”

  1. irvienne Says:

    Love it. Will try it myself. I work with girls groups and will use your idea with them. Keep it up, what ever you call it it pleases you!

  2. Becky Mae Says:

    I have also done this! I like to call them serial killer collages ( because of how serial killers in movies use the newspaper to write weird letters.) Anyways, just wanted you to know you can go ahead and call it a hobby! There are more of us oddies out there. I also make Valentine’s cards using this method. I’ve been told it’s some of the coolest gifts people have gotten. Keep up the awesome work!

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