Same Kind of Different As Me- Book Review

I’ve had a hold of this book for quite some time. I would pick it up occasionally, read a paragraph or two, then put it back down again.

I honestly thought I would never make it through the whole thing.

Then I got past Ron’s first chapter, and into Denver’s second, and finally the story grabbed me and refused to let go again.

The book is about Ron Hall and Denver Moore, two men on two very different paths in life.

Ron is a well-to-do, world traveling art broker. Denver is a homeless man who grew up as a modern day slave via sharecropping.

It shows how their lives cross paths, and how each of them changes the other in important ways.

While it is a serious story, the unexpected humor in it would take me by surprise. Like in one paragraph Denver is talking about eaing hogs, and how they ate them all “from the rooter to the tooter” and I laughed out loud, causing me to get a funny look from several of the people in the room with me.

Of the whole thing, I think I liked reading Denver’s part of the story the most. I think I would have be happy if the whole book had been more of his biography, with more stories from his entire life instead of the bits we were fed for this one.

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  1. Frances D Says:

    The ‘rooter to the tooter’ line will stay with me 4ever!
    Waving at you from New York sweetie.

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