25 Random Things

Perfectly Imperfect threw a “25 Random Things” linky party. List 25 random things, and join the fun.

1. I’m currently losing a game of words with friends. Their 590 to my 198.
2. My feet are cold. They are the only part of me that stays cold in the winter.
3. I have Christmas wrapping paper on my desk that I REALLY need to put in the attic.
4. I bought a $40 desk to put an aquarium on.

5. I had been looking for SOMETHING to put my aquarium on for THREE DAYS, but no PET STORE in this town had a stand for a 29gal fish tank.
6. I have a betta fish is named Eastwood.

7. He was named that because my husband was reading a book about Clint Eastwood when we got him.
8. I have 3 pet RATS. I love my RATS and get insulted when people say “Gross” and “Eww” about them. If you “Ewww” my rat I will “Eww” your cat or dog.
9. One of my rats is a hairless rat named Fluffy.
10. I’m trying to potty train our 2 year old.
11. I start thinking he’s a “big boy” and then he dumps applesauce on his own head.

12. I wish I could be a stay at home mom so I never miss moments like that one.
13. I have to go back to work though, I can’t afford to be a SAHM.
14. I usually work a retail job in an arts and crafts store, but I’m on grievance leave because my father passed away on the 1st of this month.
15. I’m trying to get my bedroom/office organized before I have to go to work.
16. THIS is what I plan on working on tomorrow:

17. If you look closely at the picture above you’ll see the Christmas wrapping paper I mentioned earlier.
18. You can also see (in the blue frame to the right) the last picture of my Dad, my brothers and myself all in the same spot that will ever be taken.
19. Now I’m crying as I type this because I’m thinking about Daddy.
20. I drink coffee almost exclusivly. I even have a cup sitting with me right now.
21. It doesn’t have to be fancy coffee. I drink a lot of store brand instant because its cheap.
22. I’m listening to the 90s station on Pandora.
23. I love 90s music!
24. My mix breed street rescue dog is prettier than my full blooded lab.
25. He also blends in with our floor.

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