Photo Hunt: Dark

Dark wasn’t easy. I settled on using more pictures from the aquarium trip an Aug. 7.

It was pretty dark in there so my flash kept popping up, and it was hard to photograph fish in glass tanks when my flash wasn’t cooperating.

This one, taken in black and white, turned out dark but good.

They had a few non-living fish too. Replicas of a hammerhead shark, a dolphin an a tuna. I liked this shot (also black and white) of the dolphin.

Outside there was a nature trail we walked. Just as the started there was a crow in a tree. I like the way this photo turned out and it was NOT a black and white shot.

“Quoth the Crow….”Is it dark out here or is it just me?”

All the Little Things

1. Everyone liked my hair. (Or at least pretended to)
2. This LOLdog. (I used to LOVE Inspector Gadget)
3. OMG WTF! Bush smacking some olympic ass?

11 Responses to “Photo Hunt: Dark”

  1. Clara Says:

    Great pix. I especially like the crow.

    Thanks for stopping by my dark place!

  2. mistyeiz Says:

    love that 1st fish shot. ;)

  3. Peggy Says:

    Your photos are great and perfect for this PhotoHunt. This was my first time to participate. I appreciate your visiting my blog and commenting.

  4. Everyday Healy Says:

    They are all nice… Dark but still sharp and clear, Great shot! :P

  5. Hawksdomain Says:

    I like all of your photos! The crow is just wickedly awesome! :)

  6. pseudo Says:

    I used to love Inspector Gadget too – I always wanted a book just like Penny’s, even before I knew what a laptop was.

  7. kelly Says:

    Your photos are great! The fish looks like he is looking right at you.

  8. babooshka Says:

    all fantatstic but the crow shot is so striking.

  9. inlandempiregirl Says:

    I love these pictures. The black and white works well. Thanks for stopping at my blog.

  10. Tom Says:

    The fish are awesome… the shot of the dolfin should win awards…


  11. Claude Bea Says:

    Super post! Your style is so much better in comparison to most other bloggers. Thanks for posting when you do, I will be sure to return!

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