When Live Gives you lemons…hug a rat.02.13.11

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Fluffy and Kitty02.10.11

Last time I posted I had lost the Lovely One of Two.

And more recently Francis passed of old age.

And in the room made by their passing, I had to fill with more rat love, of course.

Meet Kitty, and Fluffy.

Snuggle Buddies

Of course, the HAIRLESS one is named Fluffy.  The one with the pretty face is Kitty.

Fluffy and Kitty

Blame my husband for Fluffy’s name.  He thinks its the height of humor.  And fluffy is is favorite rat at the moment.

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My Girls are Mad at Me11.06.10

“MOM!” They are squealing, “You HATE us!”

“I don’t hate you,” I tell them.

“You never write about us anymore!”

“I do too,” I lie.  They don’t have access to a computer so  I thought I could fool them. 

I was wrong.

“You never check our e-mail, and you never write about us anymore!”  They said again.

“Okay, okay,” I told them.  “I’ll write about you more often!”

“You better,” they said, “Or else.”

I’m not sure what the “or else” is in this case, but I think they might nap me to death…..

I guess I should start by mentionining that I’m down to TWO rats now.

I went to clean their cage one day, and One of Two was lying in her cage, dead, with Francis curled up on top of her.  It was very sudden, as she hadn’t shown any signs of sickness at all.  I suppose it could only have been old age finally catching up with her.







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Camera Critters08.28.10

It has been too long since I brought the girls out for a photo shoot.

Francis, as she has often before, got the bookshelf treatment.  She’s been with me one year this month, and was already an adult rat when I got her.  She is still very healthy and active.  *knock on wood.

And here is Madame Curie.  I got her from the Recently married Tim and Stephanie Yates.  She is a small, wiry girl.  A dainty southern lady….who likes to play in the garbage.

And One of Two is starting to act like a grumpy old lady rat.  She didn’t want to leave her box at all.  She’s become a bit of a hermit since her sister passed.  She doesn’t fight with Francis and Madame Curie, she just keeps her distance most of the time.

Camera Critters

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RIP Nibbitz05.20.10

In September of ‘08 I brought home two little rat sisters, one of them picked out because of the stripe on her face.  I have a weak spot for striped faced rats.

We named her Nibbitz.

She was a TEENIE little thing when I first broght her home, just a slight handful, and afraid of the whole world.

She did grow up to be a strapping young rat woman though.  And lived a happy life with her sister One of Two, and their catemates.

Sadly, the last week of April 2010 we lost our dear girl.  She’s got her wings now and is flying with all the dear rats I’ve known before her.

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Wild rat vs pet rat cuteness factor (and glue traps are evil!)03.04.10

I’m happy to read in my comments today that more people were horrified at the woman who flushed the rat down her toilet.

I sometimes forget that a lot of people, even people who love fancy pet rats, think of wild rats as nasty sewer living creatures.  I forget that not everyone feel like I do, that wild rats are just as adorable, and just as deserving of love as their domesticated cousins.

Remember this one:

She was an injured wild rat my MIL found in her yard.  We took her in and tried to save her.  Her back end was paralized and I intended to let her go if she regained use, or keep her forever if she didn’t.  She was a wild animal, but never even tried to nip at us as we tried to help her.

To me she is every bit as cute as Nibbitz and One of Two playing in the bathroom.


Now I’m not advocating letting wild rats run rampant in your home.  Even I dont want them living in my walls where they can chew wires and cause major damage. 

However, I cannot think of someone flushing a rat down a toilet without it making my blood boil.  So does the idea of people using glue traps, which is a slow, painful horrific way for rats to die.  Imagine your body beign stuck to the groud while you slowly die of thirst and hunger.  That is AFTER trying to chew your own body parts off in an effort to escape what has you pinned down.

In a perfect world everyone would use a live trap to catch a release.  In a slightly less perfect world everyone would use snap traps that kill instantly MOST (sadly not always) of the time.

Um…what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, rats are cute……even wild ones…..please don’t flush them down your toilet.

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Why is this not considered Animal Cruelty?02.13.10

If someone were to do this to a puppy or kitten it would be considered animal cruelty. Why not for rats?

A Winston-Salem woman used a plunger and an empty container of kitty litter to wrangle a rat back into her toilet before flushing it.

In this video she says, “I was as scared of it as it was of me.”

Somehow I doubt that. I mean, what is so scary about a tiny little rat? Can you imagine how the poor rat felt having a giant after it.

And, yes rats can swim up into your toilet though sewers, but flushing it back down would be like taking your average person and dropping them in Grade 6 white water rapids.

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Rat Sighting Closes School02.05.10

How sad is it that one rat sighted warrents the closing of an entire school!

I mean, do the parents really feel like a rat is going to decend from the air vents and attack their children?

Read more about it:

Rat sighting closes Saugus school, again

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Sleeping Rat = Super Cute12.07.09

I have a new baby who is taking up most of my time now.  My poor rats must be very patient.

It looks like the baby is keeping Francis awake like he is me though.  See, she didn’t even make it INTO the box before she fell asleep.

Francis Snoozes

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Rat Stuff - Mouse Gel Clings09.15.09

I’ve complained often how hard it is to find cute rat and mouse “stuff”.  Well, I can usually find things online, but I’ve pretty much never just walked into a random store and saw a cute rat or mouse thing that I just had to have.

Halloween always gets me in a tizzy at work, going through all our halloween decorations, trying to find a rat in there somewhere.

Sadly, when I do find rats they are usually skeezy rats, not cute ones.

Well, yesterday I was flipping through some gel clings at work.  Skull.  Bat.  Pumpkin, cat, mouse, skull, bat.

WAIT!  Did I just see a mouse?

I did see a mouse.  I found 2 of them actually.  And they are even cute in their own way.  Not adorable cute, but not skeezy at all.  I just HAD to buy them.

Mouse Clings

They were only $1 a piece, and with my employee discount I got them both for $1.61.

I had no idea where I was going to stick them, since I don’t have any glass in the rat room, and was worried that if I stuck them to the wall they might damage the paint.

Well, before I had left work yesterday I had decided they are going to live in my bedroom with me.  Two cute mice living on my bedroom mirror.

Clinging Mice

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