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Mouse Book Worth Big Bucks07.10.08

So, I went to my book shelf today to pick my first rat/mouse themed book to do a review of.  I pulled out one called Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse simply because that was my FIRST mouse book.  I got it back before I ever discovered the joys of owning a pet rat.

I sat down and went to amazon to search for it.  Since it was published in 81 I expected it to be out of print, but amazon is good for still having out of print books.  Sure enough, 7 used avaiable starting at….$194.99!

I think that’s some pretty decent change for a children’s book.  I was tempted to sell mine, but I don’t think I could get that much with its damage (dirty cover, loose binding and ink marks inside from the “To you love me” signatures from the person who gave it to me when I was a child).

Book CoverNeed a House? Call Ms. Mouse
Written by George Mendoza
Illustrated by Doris Susan Smith

This is a childrens picture book about Henrietta, also known as Ms. Mouse.

Ms. Mouse is “a world famous decorator, which means she is — an artist, a designer, a dreamer, a builder, a creator, all that and more too.”

This book is her portfolio, featuring all the houses she created for her animal friends.

The first page shows you a picture of Ms. Mouse at her drafting table hard and work, and tells you a little about Ms. Mouse.  The second page shows her in her own home, then one by one you see the houses she has made.  She has made houses for Squirrel, Trout, Cat, Mole, Fox, Rabbit, Worm, Bear, Lizard, Frog, Spider, Owl, Pig and Otter.  Lastly it shows us Ms. Mouse’s secret hideaway.

The last page shows her, again at her drafting table, this time from the back.  The End.

The pictures are huge, each home covering 2 full pages, with a line or two about each one.  I used to spend HOURS looking at this book, exploring each house, finding its occupans, and trying to see if Ms. Mouse is there because she is in some of the houses, but not all of them.

I love the small details like Bears honeybee beadspread and Fox’s toy train.  I remember tracing my finger aroud and around trouts maze and up and down the ladders to the various levels of frogs lillypads.  I remember wondering and making up storys of what might be in Owls dark basement tht we don’t get to see and wising that I lived in a palace as lovely as Pigs.

If you have a little one I do reccomend seeing if your library may have it.  You can sit and read it together, exploring each room of each house and having lots of fun.

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Secret ingredient behind author’s book – rat pee!07.01.08

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