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Rat Agility - Nibbitz does it10.13.08

Tonight I decided to try out the girls and see how teachable they are.

One constantly kept trying to escape, so she was haveing an “I’m afraid of you” night.

Nibbitz, however, was more cooperative…more or less.

I made a short “bridge” using a piece of wood over two plastic containers, and urged her to go over it a bout a million and twenty times.

In the following video, towards the end, she runs over it about 3 times a like a pro.

This one is WIDE, but I hope to get her going across a more narrow balance beam once I get one made.

The video is too close and shaky and sicne I’m right handed when I was giving her her “lick” of treat for crossing the bridge you get a lovely shot of nothing while I move my hand to give it to her.

Hopefully hubby can tell me where the tripods are, and the next one will be a better shot.

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