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Rat Bath09.07.06

Java is still active, and still eating like a horse.  (A rat sized horse, but a horse none the less)

She’s still not grooming herself though, so last night called for another bath.

java gets a bath

In that picture you can really see how thin she really is, despite her eating about as much alone as the other three do combined.

Meanwhile, with me being so wrapped up in keeping Java healthy that the other girls are getting a little neglected.

Tofu, bless her loving heart, launches out of the cage to see me when I open the door.

Sushi pretends to be aloof as ever, when she really wants loving too.

Ezri just sits at the back of the cage and looks at me with sad accusing eyes saying I don’t love her anymore.

She is getting quite chunky too.  She’s gonna be a fat rat!  Gotta love it.

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