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A Day of Firsts09.30.08

(ignore my dirty and dog hair covered bathroom floor, just look at rattie cuteness)

Nibbitz and One of Two had two firsts today.

The first first was that they got their very first free-roaming time in the bathroom today.

The bathroom is the only room in the house where it is SAFE for the girls to run and play and explore and I know the dogs wont get them and I won’t accidentally loose them

I pictured myself having to scurry and chase them around the bathroom from corner to corner trying to re-capture them.  I was pleasantly surprised.  While they were a little jumpy and flinched when I moved, they didn’t run from me.

In fact, Nibbitz kept coming back TO me while she was exploring!

When I was ready to put them back in their cage I had no problem catching them, other than reaching One of Two who had hidden behind the toilet.

Then, when I was thinking about how WELL their first free-roaming went, I thought…..I should introduce them to Ezri.

So, their second first was meeting my big squishy butt rat girl.

The introduction also went really well!

For the longest time they didn’t even NOTICE each other.  When they did I expected Ezri to be a little rough with them, to pin them down and groom them.  But she didn’t.  There was just some mutual fanny sniffing.

They acted as if they had known each other for a while and not like rats meeting for the first time.  Maybe its just cause Ezri is so old, she didn’t feel like having to proove her “Top Rat” status.

The little girls did try to entice her to play.  Nibbitz and One of Two kept taking turns crawling over her back.  She’s so much bigger than them, but I’m sure they’ll catch up soon.

Ezri, however, mostly ignored the girls.  She waddled and sniffed and groomed herself, and made happy rat noises, and groomed herself some more.

As you can tell by the pictures, our little One of Two is a little bit bashful.  She’s a little scared by the camera’s pop up flash, so I dont get too many clear pictures of her.

However, when she was tired of exploring, she came to me and put her paws on my leg.  I put my hand in front of her and she hopped up in my palm, then climbed up on my shoulder and just sat.  She is such a sweetie.

I decided not to introduce Luka today because she wasn’t feeling too good.  Poor baby.

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Eating and Running at the Same Time09.27.08

Rats like eggs. 

That seems to be one of the worlds givens.  Every rat I’ve ever had liked eggs.  Boiled, fried, scrambled, they just like them.

Sadly, Luka’s age is starting to catch up with her.  Her eye infections are getting more frequent and harder to cure.  Her appetite has drooped and her already slender build is getting a bit thinner.

But she’ll eat eggs!  Or she would be if not looking at me.

You can see her infected eye here.  Poor baby.  You can see the porphyrin on her face.  I need to go wipe her down with a warm rag….

(Ezri was being uncharacteristically camera shy today, so she has no picture)

The new girls (who my husband calls the Miniature Rats) are growing in leaps and bounds.  Its hard to believe they got so big in 2 weeks!

They also like eggs.  In fact, egg was the first treat they took out of my hands!

After eating the bits I handed them they both dive right in to those egss in their bowl with gusto!

One of Two is the first to go back for seconds.  That might have soemthign to do with the fact that she sits and eats her food like a normal rat:

Nibbitz, however, is not a normal rat.  She ate what she took from my hand, then grabbed the chunk out of the bowl and hopped on her wheel. 

This isnt’ the first time I’ve caught her running on the wheel with a bit of food in her mouth.  Silly rat!

Now, I need to go clean 2 rat homes and bath a poor old hairless rat.

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98 Rats Need Homes, Rescue Needs Donations09.23.08

The Happy Go Lucky Rattery in Whittier California is in dire need of foster home AND forever homes for 98 rats.  They could also use donations of bedding and food to help care for them.

The following is taken directly from the Rattery’s webpage:

Please Help! - September 22, 2008

Recently we were contacted by a friend of ours, who works at Universal Studios. The “Animal Actors”
show at Universal had recently purchased what they thought were all
male rats to be used in their show. Unfortunately, 14 of them were
females and 11 of them ended up pregnant. The trainers loved the rats
and nobody wanted them to be used as feeders or put to sleep, so they
were asking for help with all of these babies. Today we went to
Universal and helped separate the weaned babies.

make a long story short, we couldn’t see leaving anybody behind… We
ended up bringing home 11 moms with their babies and 3 females without
babies. Now we are drowning in babies!!!

Most of the litters were ready to be weaned, so those were separated
(these are all about 5 to 6 weeks old). We still have 3 litters that
are 2 to 4 weeks old. We have a total of 98 rats. All the moms are
about 4 to 6 months old. We desperately need help socializing all these
babies so that they can find good homes. They’re all happy and healthy,
they just need a little more one-on-one time with humans.

We would love to find foster and/or permanent homes willing to take a mom and her babies.
We have lots of Siamese, PEW, Black, Black Irish, and a few Variegated.

If you’re interested in taking home one of these groups, or a portion of one, plese let us know.

If anyone wants to help with donations of bedding, food, etc. we would
appreciate that as well. At this time we have enough cages but as they
get older we’ll need additional cages to separate them.

You can visit the Happy Go Lucky Rattery’s website to see pictures of some of the rats needing adoption.

If you cannot adopt, foster or donate, you can help by spreading the word!

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Win a Gift Card09.22.08

We interrupt our usual rat fest to bring you the following contest:

Erika Jean is holding a contest on her blog

The contest is to enter a raffle type drawing to win a $25 gift card from Best Buy.  Its a Birthday card, but if you win and its not your birthday, you could celebrate your unbirthday.  -grin-

You can enter this contest too, but I’m not going to tell you how.  In order to enter it you’ll have to go to HER CONTEST BLOG ENTRY and read all the nitty-gritty details for yourself.

But, while you’re at her blog anyway you might as well stick around and read a bit of it.

I found out her contest was going to be in celebration of her 700 post, which turned out to be her 667th post, but why not celebrate that number too?

She’s participating in Doodle Week, which is always a lot of fun.  Its also how I found her blog in the first place and how I found out about her contest.

I particularly like her doodle for lust (the “lust at first site” quote made me smile), but her doodle for gluttony looks a little bit like my own belly (only smaller - haha)

She also has one post about taking picture underwater with her digital camera.  It takes one smart cookie to think to put it in vacuum seal bags to use it but keep it safe too!  She’s even shared some of the pictures and they turned out great!

Back near the start of September she shared some pictures of a hawk that stopped by her place.  She even managed to catch a bit of fluff on its beak.

So, needless to say there is a love of picture taking going on around there, and she’s seeking Flickr friends.

If you’re a reader she’s got a book review section going on, and if you’re overwhelmed at all the bloggy goodness, she has collected all of her favorite posts in one place for you to browse though!

So there you go.  You can stop reading me now and go read her blog…its far more interesting anyway.

We now return your to your regularly scheduled photos of Rattie Cuteness

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Animal Person?09.19.08

Megan over at Home Zookeeper shared a quiz today. 

Are you an animal person?

Your result for The Are you an animal person Test…

Complete Misanthrope

Not only do you love animals, but you HATE people. You wish that humans had never evolved. You might have therianthropic tendencies. You would feel right at home at a PETA or ALF meeting, and would be proud to don a ski mask and break some animals out of the local testing facility. Be careful of that, though- didn’t you see 28 days later?

Take The Are you an animal person Test at HelloQuizzy

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Two Steps foward, one step back09.19.08

Socialization is going pretty good with the new little ones.

Now, first they run from my hands, but once I’ve captured them and held them for a bit, then they run to my hand for sniffs and pets.

They still spend A LOT of time on the wheel.

I turn it sideways when I’m trying to play with them, and I wish our video camera worked because Nibbitz is so funny with it.  She keeps hopping inside of it, pushing at the sides like she’s trying to sit it back up so she can run some more.

Surprisingly its One of Two who is calming down faster than Nibbitz.  She’s letting me catch and hold her easier now and Nibbitz is still making me chase her around the tank.

Now, we’re prepping the house to paint it so I’ve not been spending as much time handling them as I shoudl and they are BOTH regressing to running around the cage.

Mommy needs to kick it up a notch.

ham 'n taterz
see more crazy cat pics

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Rats dumped and left to die09.16.08

You would thin that at some point I’d quit being shocked by things like this:

TWO abandoned pet rats were found by a dog walker in Oakhurst.

Claire Fisher, 21, was shocked to find the caged rodents buried in shrubbery on Sunday afternoon.

“They didn’t have any food or water left with them and were very
dehydrated,” said John. “The one who passed away was on his last legs
when he arrived.:


This is the second time recently I’ve read of rats left IN THEIR CAGE to die a slow and horrible death of dehydration.

For christs sake, if you don’t want your pet rat anymore there are RESCUES who will TAKE THEM IN and FIND THEM A NEW HOME.

What even more blood chilling to me is the comment one person left on the article:

Even Angrier Monkey, Swindon says…
11:08am Tue 16 Sep 08

They are rats for gods sake, you know, vermin.

They should be put down.

Those rats were not vermin.  They were someones pets!  They are different from wild rats.  But even WILD rats don’t deserve to be locked in a cage and left with no food or water to suffer and die!

One of them died, but of them is still alive and needs a home!

Animal Haven volunteer Lynne Winslow with the surviving rat

If you live in or near Swindon Wiltshire, England and can offer a home to the abandoned rat call John on 07990 868887. Or visit the Swindon and District Animal Haven’s web page for more info.

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We have names…09.14.08

This BEAUTIFUL little one is named Nibbitz.  I don’t know where I got Nibbitz from but I like it.

When I get two rats I always name one myself and let hubby name one, so I was going to let hubby name the other little one.  Of course, I do veto the names I really hate.

A friend (Jeanine) suggested a few star trek themed names and I ran them by hubby and he liked one of them, so the rat in the hat has a name too!

Her name is now One of Two (Rattus of Borg….grin)

One of Two needs a lot of socialization.  She is horribly afraid of my hand, flinching, running and hiding every time I reach for her.  She’s afraid I’m going to eat her or something.  So I’m touching her A LOT.  Picking her up and gently putting her right back down.  Letting her know that my hand does not equal death.

I take them into the bathroom and hold them there.  That way if one of them jumps or wiggles out of my hands they have nowhere to go and can be captured easily.

Sitting in there playing with One of Two today, she kept trying to hide in the crook of my elbow.  Then she climbed onto the back of my neck, sat under my hair and was quite content to sit there for some length of time.

Nibbitz does not have any of those “I’m so very afraid of you” problems.  She’s very curious and comes to my hand, though she does try to run a little when I first try to pick her up.  Once I have her out she’s all for a little love, affection and exploring.

She’s a self-assured little rat if there ever was one.

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Camera Critters - Photo Hunt: Wild09.13.08

Camera Critters

The new baby rat with the hat id rather shy.  She keeps hiding in this brightly colored hiding spot.  It used to be for an aquarium.  I used it as a mouse toy for years when I kept mice.  Now the little rat likes to hide in it.  She’ll be sad when she outgrows it.

Todays Photo Hunt theme was Wild.  My pretty faced rat fits the bill.  She has been running on this wheel almost non-stop since I first put it in there.  I actually took it out last night because I was worried she was running on it too much.  She’s got a WILD amount of energy, epically compared to her sister.

Speaking of which…what do you think of the name Nibbitz?

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Happy Gotcha Day!09.12.08

My husband is going to kill me.

I went by the new pet store in town today.  Its called Rare Earth.  They have lots of fish, some reptiles and a few bunnies and guinea pigs and feeder rats.

Welllll….the feeder rats were out where I could see them and THEY WERE GORGEOUS!  I have been wanting boys, and they only had one boy, but 3 girls, and they were prettyful.  I ended up asking my MIL to buy me 2 girl rats.

It was actually this little girl who I fell in love with:

I’m a sucker for rats with pretty face markings.  PLUS, she has a white belly and her “hoodie” strip, but she also has a TAN BACK!  I’ve never seen markings like that before personally.

Isn’t she just stunning!  I bet the tan will fade as she ages though.

One of the 3 females looked like she had a tumor one one side of her belly (they said they thought she might be pregnant, but she didn’t look pregnant to me), so I left her (poor thing) but picked out a second female.  She has a cap, but not a stripe down her back.  She also has a spot on her forehead.

I have them in the aquarium I use to put the girls in when I clean them right now.  They seem healthy, but I want to make sure nothing pops up PLUS I want to be super sure they’re not pregnant since they were in with the one male.

Neither of them LOOK preggers to me.  They are young still, but PLENTY old enough to have gotten knocked up.

If one (or god forbid BOTH) of them turn out to be pregnant I guess I’ll be looking for homes for rats. 


I had been planning on getting boys and had boy names picked out (Kirk and Spock) but since I got girls, neither of them have names so I welcome any name suggestions!

My MIL said I should name one of them Petra because she’s “petrified” of rats.

I’ll be asking hubby for name ideas too.  He likes naming things (even though I have to shoot down some un-original names before he comes up with something good.)

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    Rats are not just vermin anymore. For hundreds of
    people around the world they are family members, just like the cats, dogs and hamsters of the world.

    Rattitude hopes to help get rid of rattieism in the world and show just how great rats can be.

    Thanks for taking time to stop and read and I hope I spread some rat goodwill.

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