New Cagemates

Posted in Uncategorized on Nov 24, 2008

Thanks everyone for the condolences on our loss of Luka.  We knew it was coming, but even the knowing doesn’t always prepare you for a loss.

Meanwhile, Ezri has been a little depressed.  I’ve hardly seen her leave her box since we took Luka out of the cage.

I moved the two young girls in with Ezri so she’d not be alone.

There was some dominance fighting between Ezri and One of Two.  Ezri came out on top.  It was kind of funny to watch her hiss and hop aroudn sideways, pushing her big tush at One to back her down.

On the flip side, Nibbitz challenged Ezri twice, and both time had the larger rat over on her back.  Still, Nibs doesn’t seem like she WANTS to be the alpha rat, she was just telling Ezri that she refused to be pushed around.

Since they already knew each other they settled in rather quickly and were living in harmony in a matter of hours.

I hope Ezri perks up again soon with the new little ones for company, but it is so obvious she misses her sister.

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  1. # 1 Angus Mhor Says:

    It always amazes my mom how attached we four-foots can be to one another and how we show sorrow or at least a sense of loss. I hope Ezri is comforted by the younger’s company!

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