Rat Sighting Closes School

Posted in Movie/Video, News on Feb 05, 2010

How sad is it that one rat sighted warrents the closing of an entire school!

I mean, do the parents really feel like a rat is going to decend from the air vents and attack their children?

Read more about it:

Rat sighting closes Saugus school, again

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3 Responses to “ Rat Sighting Closes School ”

  1. # 1 Cynthia Says:

    Ugh, too weird. And sad. It’s just a rat.. it’s not like the bubonic plague has come back.

  2. # 2 Rattie Says:

    Seriously…they are being a bit dramatic!!

  3. # 3 School Games Says:

    I hate rats. But is a bit to dramatic. U r right Rattie

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