Why is this not considered Animal Cruelty?

Posted in Movie/Video, News on Feb 13, 2010

If someone were to do this to a puppy or kitten it would be considered animal cruelty. Why not for rats?

A Winston-Salem woman used a plunger and an empty container of kitty litter to wrangle a rat back into her toilet before flushing it.

In this video she says, “I was as scared of it as it was of me.”

Somehow I doubt that. I mean, what is so scary about a tiny little rat? Can you imagine how the poor rat felt having a giant after it.

And, yes rats can swim up into your toilet though sewers, but flushing it back down would be like taking your average person and dropping them in Grade 6 white water rapids.

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6 Responses to “ Why is this not considered Animal Cruelty? ”

  1. # 1 A Bay Horse Says:

    That’s awful. I read your description and I cannot even watch the video. How could anyone do that to a living thing? I mean if you don’t like rats, fine, but find a kind way to catch it and release it out of your house. I wonder what the rat had been through BEFORE she flushed it. I mean, did someone else flush it first? Was it thinking “Oh geez, not AGAIN?”

  2. # 2 megscole64 Says:

    You know my view…I am not a big fan of rats. And if it were a wild rat I can’t say I wouldn’t try to kill the darn thing. *shudder* I admit you’re working miracles with pictures of your cuties…but those don’t seem like “rats” to me. When I think of Rat I think of dirty, stinky, sewer dwellers. Not cute little grey thing curled up on a cereal box. :)

    I didn’t watch the video…even though I’m not a rat fan I don’t want to see someone doing that. Or talking about it.

  3. # 3 Fisher Says:

    That is so sad. I couldn’t watch the videos. You are doing such a great service to keep everyone aware, though. Thank you.

  4. # 4 Rattie Says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video…the woman needed to have her head flushed a few times that’s all I have to say.

  5. # 5 lumene Says:

    That’s wretched! That poor rat didn’t deserve that. I did watch the video *shudder* that was dispicable. All she had to do was close and block the door and have someone with a live trap come get it if she didn’t want to do it herself.

    I’ve had my rat about 4 days and I’d never imagine anyone cruel enough to do that to him or any other rat I know.

  6. # 6 Susannah Carlson Says:

    We call them vermin and we kill them because we are horrified to discover that other living things can thrive in the wastelands we call home. Who is icky, dirty, disgusting? Rats, who simply live their ratty lives? Or humans, who are so filthy our waste actually forms a ring of orbiting garbage around the planet? Really? Who’s dangerous? Who’s filthy? Come on. People should learn to see beyond the ends of their own noses. (I couldn’t watch the videos either).

    Thank you, thank you for speaking out for the vermin! LONG LIVE VERMIN! I love vermin. Vermin is another word for survivor.

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