Wild rat vs pet rat cuteness factor (and glue traps are evil!)

Posted in pictures on Mar 04, 2010

I’m happy to read in my comments today that more people were horrified at the woman who flushed the rat down her toilet.

I sometimes forget that a lot of people, even people who love fancy pet rats, think of wild rats as nasty sewer living creatures.  I forget that not everyone feel like I do, that wild rats are just as adorable, and just as deserving of love as their domesticated cousins.

Remember this one:

She was an injured wild rat my MIL found in her yard.  We took her in and tried to save her.  Her back end was paralized and I intended to let her go if she regained use, or keep her forever if she didn’t.  She was a wild animal, but never even tried to nip at us as we tried to help her.

To me she is every bit as cute as Nibbitz and One of Two playing in the bathroom.


Now I’m not advocating letting wild rats run rampant in your home.  Even I dont want them living in my walls where they can chew wires and cause major damage. 

However, I cannot think of someone flushing a rat down a toilet without it making my blood boil.  So does the idea of people using glue traps, which is a slow, painful horrific way for rats to die.  Imagine your body beign stuck to the groud while you slowly die of thirst and hunger.  That is AFTER trying to chew your own body parts off in an effort to escape what has you pinned down.

In a perfect world everyone would use a live trap to catch a release.  In a slightly less perfect world everyone would use snap traps that kill instantly MOST (sadly not always) of the time.

Um…what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, rats are cute……even wild ones…..please don’t flush them down your toilet.

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26 Responses to “ Wild rat vs pet rat cuteness factor (and glue traps are evil!) ”

  1. # 1 Rattie Says:

    I live in a rural area where I often see mice and I’m sure there is the odd wild rat around and if any rodent, excluding my pet rats of course, decide to venture inside the house I could NEVER imagine using those horrific glue traps or flush them down a toilet! Snap traps or poison are not my favourite methods either. I had a red squirrel in the house once and I did use a live trap and released it back in the wild.

    Yes, wild rats are as cute as their cousins!

  2. # 2 RIchard @ The Nature Blog Says:

    That is a pretty shocking piece of news. To think that someone would do that! As you say, if it were a puppy or a kitten they would be arrested for animal cruelty. Even species classed as vermin deserve to be treated with respect and if necessary put down as quickly as possible. Surely drowning like this is as close to torture as possible?

  3. # 3 Pet Rats Says:

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  4. # 4 Fancy Pet Rats Says:

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  5. # 5 Dr Ferox Says:

    I certainly prefer mice to rats when it comes to patients. Aside from anything else, the rats are often friendlier and easier to handle. Several are better behaved than the more ‘usual’ patients!

    It also takes the pressure off when rat owners don’t really expect a vet to be able to do much for their pets- but there are a few things you can fix, and when you do it makes you look really good.

  6. # 6 Nylon Dog Collar Says:

    So cute…wild rat looks cute but a bit scary because they might bite you…But pet rat is so cute and cool…they are so sweet looking fellow…^_^

  7. # 7 Debs Dainty Needle Art Says:

    That is so heart breaking that someone would flush a rat down the toilet. I just can’t stand the idea. I hate Glue traps and wish they would just stop making them. There are more humane ways of getting rid of rats. :(

    I have to admit I think even wild rats are cute. Not in my house….lol but still cute.

  8. # 8 Natalie White Says:

    there are so many rats at home and i am looking for a really good rat poison*`”

  9. # 9 Anna Says:

    Natalie White!

    You are an bad sadist!

  10. # 10 Sesli Says:

    thanks admin. so much.

  11. # 11 grandpa2000 Says:

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  12. # 12 Scorpio Says:

    My neighbor uses glue traps all the time because we get mice from the vacant lot nextdoor to my house and I hate that she does. I peel mice off of them all the time when I go to her house and then put them in a cage and take care of them. We had to use snap traps last season when the vacant lot’s grass grew to over 6 feet and I felt horrid about it but we had so many they started to chew holes in the ceilings and floors not to mention eating our clothes in the laundry and going to the bathroom on everything.

    We had been using live traps for the last 14 years but the mice in this neighborhood avoid them no matter what type of bait you use, I used Peanut butter, Oreo’s, Bird fruit pellets, Yogurt Drops many different types of cereal and 4 different kinds of live traps and only caught like 6 mice in a year so sadly we had to resort to snap when they started really destroying the house (Which I own and have to repair myself).

    I do think wild rats and mice are just as cute as the pets and love most types of animal, as you may guess from the name I love love love Scorpions and yes I think they are cute too. I love your website and just stumbled across it today while googling a dog named Luka.

  13. # 13 Susannah Carlson Says:

    Honestly, your blog has made me SO happy. Even my vet’s office was so full of prejudice, when I finally made it clear that I was talking about a crippled roof rat that was found on the sidewalk, that I was afraid they would sic the authorities on me. I am going to tell them Franklin is dead, though he is VERY much alive! Oh, please contact me! It would be so nice to talk to someone who understands! (I’ll reward you with a photo or two of Franklin - no one else wants to see them). It’s lonely out here in wild rat caregiver-land.

  14. # 14 Breaking News Says:

    What a wounderful news website, it was very helpful and informative. Wish you all the best.

  15. # 15 Anna Says:

    I went food shopping today and as usual I went down the aisle with the rat and mouse glue traps….I threw them all behind the soap bottles so no one could see them. I figure if no one sees them, they can’t buy them and maybe the place will eventually think they’re not selling, and stop ordering them.

    I SNAP when I see that sh*t in stores!

  16. # 16 Filhotes Venda SP Says:

    I don´t like the act of using rats to do some experiences. It’s againts my thoughts…

  17. # 17 Ola Says:

    Your homeside Rattitude is very lovely,and I am very happy that kind people can make good things for poor little rats. I love your lilltle wild rat and tame rats on this side. I have this Rattitude homeside as startside on my dator. I love all rats very much. Wild rats and tame rats. I help rats so much I can. I love rat lovers too. All rats have rights! I come to love Rats,Rat Lovers and Rattitude forever. I love mice,gerbils and all rodents too,but specially rats. I want to support Rattitude,and I buy Rattitude things from Internet so often I can.

  18. # 18 Ola Says:

    Bojcott snake as pets and banned people with snakes who give poor rats and mice as snakefood.

    Help this poor rats!
    Look here!


    This happend in North America - USA- Albuquerque!
    Nobody was intrested to help the rats,only the snakes “animals” and children.

  19. # 19 John Doe Says:

    I perfer the glue traps best cuz they make the rats pay dearly for coming into my house!

  20. # 20 Guarda Moveis Says:

    the rat is the trapp. woled

  21. # 21 Quotes Says:

    I was amazed to know this.Thanks for sharing.

  22. # 22 Trey Says:

    if you had to live with rats, the way I have. you would think that glue traps where your friend.

    staying up all night. sneezing because of those little bastards musk. chewing on your wires (I had to resolder my wii sensor bar fifty-cajillion times) chewing on my freaking food while I sleep. chewing a hole in my deck door that I have to fix, chewing a huge hole in my wall that again, I have to fix.

    eating the peanut butter off of the traps and then running away like a little coward.

    not to mention the hole they are eating through the ceiling.

    they have put me through enough hell. that I don’t think a little suffering for a few hours. compared to a couple hundred dollars worth of damage, and suffering on MY end. is that bad.

    now, on the contrary. I don’t like glue traps. while I say they the lesser of two evils. they still aren’t that great. recently. I figured out a way to setup my snap trap to actually get ‘em. and its worked great! only one got trapped and didn’t die. I had to finish him off with an old metal broom-stick.

    and rats reproduce so much that its really best to kill them. because they become over populated and ruin the ecosystem. which is BAD news. I’m not saying kill all of them. but if there are so many that they infest your house since their are so many colonies AROUND your house. then they need to be killed.

    sorry if I offended you. I just can’t stand people who don’t see both sides of the argument. and I don’t want you to come off thinking I love to watch them dieing in agony. I just don’t think its that bad compared to what they put me through.


  23. # 23 snake cages Says:

    It’s a pretty shocking news. To think that someone do that! As you say, would, if it were a puppy or a kitten will be arrested for cruelty to animals. Also the type classified as pests treated with respect, to be, and if necessary set, as soon as possible. No doubt drowning torture as possible?

  24. # 24 Danielle Says:

    I agree… I’m actually trying to nurse a wild rat to health right now.. My mom saved him from a snap trap outside, but I’m not sure if he’ll make it…

  25. # 25 Lucy Says:

    I find wild rats adorable too :). Its lovely to hear someone agree with me!

  26. # 26 sesliserbest Says:

    just don’t think its that bad compared to what they put me through.

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