Camera Critters

Posted in pictures on Aug 28, 2010

It has been too long since I brought the girls out for a photo shoot.

Francis, as she has often before, got the bookshelf treatment.  She’s been with me one year this month, and was already an adult rat when I got her.  She is still very healthy and active.  *knock on wood.

And here is Madame Curie.  I got her from the Recently married Tim and Stephanie Yates.  She is a small, wiry girl.  A dainty southern lady….who likes to play in the garbage.

And One of Two is starting to act like a grumpy old lady rat.  She didn’t want to leave her box at all.  She’s become a bit of a hermit since her sister passed.  She doesn’t fight with Francis and Madame Curie, she just keeps her distance most of the time.

Camera Critters

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4 Responses to “ Camera Critters ”

  1. # 1 Fisher Says:

    Aw, I think One of Two needs some special attention. She is probably a little depressed. Your photos are great - rats amongst the books is such a neat subject.

  2. # 2 BeadedTail Says:

    They are all so cute! We’re sorry that One of Two is feeling sad after her sister passed. We hope she comes around soon!

  3. # 3 Manz Says:

    I think they’re cute pics!

    ‘*knock on wood.” - that bookshelf looks handy for that ;)

  4. # 4 Melissa Smith Says:

    Your photos are great! They are so cute! It’s hard to catch their cuteness on my cam. They move so fast sometimes.

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