Rat Stuff - Mouse Gel Clings09.15.09

I’ve complained often how hard it is to find cute rat and mouse “stuff”.  Well, I can usually find things online, but I’ve pretty much never just walked into a random store and saw a cute rat or mouse thing that I just had to have.

Halloween always gets me in a tizzy at work, going through all our halloween decorations, trying to find a rat in there somewhere.

Sadly, when I do find rats they are usually skeezy rats, not cute ones.

Well, yesterday I was flipping through some gel clings at work.  Skull.  Bat.  Pumpkin, cat, mouse, skull, bat.

WAIT!  Did I just see a mouse?

I did see a mouse.  I found 2 of them actually.  And they are even cute in their own way.  Not adorable cute, but not skeezy at all.  I just HAD to buy them.

Mouse Clings

They were only $1 a piece, and with my employee discount I got them both for $1.61.

I had no idea where I was going to stick them, since I don’t have any glass in the rat room, and was worried that if I stuck them to the wall they might damage the paint.

Well, before I had left work yesterday I had decided they are going to live in my bedroom with me.  Two cute mice living on my bedroom mirror.

Clinging Mice

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