Wild rat vs pet rat cuteness factor (and glue traps are evil!)03.04.10

I’m happy to read in my comments today that more people were horrified at the woman who flushed the rat down her toilet.

I sometimes forget that a lot of people, even people who love fancy pet rats, think of wild rats as nasty sewer living creatures.  I forget that not everyone feel like I do, that wild rats are just as adorable, and just as deserving of love as their domesticated cousins.

Remember this one:

She was an injured wild rat my MIL found in her yard.  We took her in and tried to save her.  Her back end was paralized and I intended to let her go if she regained use, or keep her forever if she didn’t.  She was a wild animal, but never even tried to nip at us as we tried to help her.

To me she is every bit as cute as Nibbitz and One of Two playing in the bathroom.


Now I’m not advocating letting wild rats run rampant in your home.  Even I dont want them living in my walls where they can chew wires and cause major damage. 

However, I cannot think of someone flushing a rat down a toilet without it making my blood boil.  So does the idea of people using glue traps, which is a slow, painful horrific way for rats to die.  Imagine your body beign stuck to the groud while you slowly die of thirst and hunger.  That is AFTER trying to chew your own body parts off in an effort to escape what has you pinned down.

In a perfect world everyone would use a live trap to catch a release.  In a slightly less perfect world everyone would use snap traps that kill instantly MOST (sadly not always) of the time.

Um…what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, rats are cute……even wild ones…..please don’t flush them down your toilet.

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Giant Wooly Rat Caught on Video09.11.09

Remember me posting a couple of days ago about a new species of rat being discovered?

The Giant Wooly Rat, or Bosavi wooly rat, was discovered in an unexplored crater in New Guinea.

Well, now there is video of this rat, at night, in its natural habitat.

What I want to point out is around 1:27 in the film.  The people are PETTING this wild rat, scratching it like a pet.  Remember, this is a WILD rat, it is a GIANT rat as large as your average housecat, it has no fear of humans, and yet its letting itself be scratched.

More proof that rats are not vicious evil little demons.

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    Rats are not just vermin anymore. For hundreds of
    people around the world they are family members, just like the cats, dogs and hamsters of the world.

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    Thanks for taking time to stop and read and I hope I spread some rat goodwill.

    *NOTE* Rattitude DOES NOT SUPPORT the use of GLUE TRAPS or RAT POISON despite what my ads may say.